Alexa Rae Coughlin

Alexa specializes in producing timeless images that invoke nostalgia & heartwarming memories.

Raised in Honolulu and currently living in Ventura, Alexa has been practicing photography for 19 years. After receiving her father’s canon ae-1 at age 10 she fell in love with shooting images of her friends, family, and the natural world. A high school photography class reignited her love for photography and introduced her to the magic of processing and printing film in the dark room.

After graduating from Pitzer College in 2012, she spent 7 years creating award-winning feature documentary films specializing in telling inspiring stories of change makers around the world. During her career in the film industry, she continued to work on personal photography series. Her images have been featured in WestwoodWestwood, Fabric Magazine, and Fuzz Magazine.

Alexa loves capturing the candid, un-posed moments between couples and families. She helps her clients feel at ease and comfortable so the intimate, precious moments can be preserved forever in the image. She especially loves to capture the beautiful transformation of maternity. She is in awe of the female form and the miracle of carrying a child. She loves to help women feel sexy and powerful in their motherhood.

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